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“The design will convey the ‘relaxed living with a bit of formality’ ambiance Natural hardwood flooring, an eclectic mix of furniture pieces and the privacy the room enjoys as a result of its location within the home will combine to give it a VIP The new model features 2.5 bathrooms, a spacious master bedroom suite, ample closet space in both bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, expansive living room off the dining area, washer/dryer and a host of designer finishes and appointments. The home will soon be As counterpoints to the many succulents and drought-tolerant plants in the frontyard, oakleaf hydrangea grows in the shade of the trees, along with begonias and three types of fern: Australia tree, painted and maiden hair. In the backyard Have some fun lighting or modern art to pull it together. I picked up a lot of wood, a lot of masculine pieces — a desk, dark leather chairs, an armoire—which led me to think of a gentleman’s quarters. Describe your personal design asthetic. The model — styled to look “fun and fresh” — features design-savvy Italian furniture tone depending on the play of light in the room, adding interest to the space while anchoring the living area. “It’s also really fun and adds texture Large living spaces come at a premium in places like New York Spaces TV covers how art director and interior designer Jen Chu converted this teeny half-room into an eclectic chamber of her own, which doubles as a workspace, reading, sleeping and .

They spent a year renovating the home, turning it into a mix of classical architecture and eclectic design. A wall was knocked down in a small bedroom to create a sitting room off the living room, with two classical columns anchoring the nook. Nearby Furniture companies with showrooms in Lebanon put together mock bedrooms in traditional styles, minimalist, modern sofas and living room designs in eclectic, contemporary tastes. One item highlighted by almost every company display is a form of white But we have made them aware that there aren’t as many rules to design. It’s fine to mix and match styles, to be more eclectic. To really find pieces that reflect their personality.” And not just a personality’s living room. Not confined to the home For example, when it comes to designing a room, one team member could do the planning In 2013, social spaces will likely turn to design dynamics to inspire vibrant living and energy. One of the simplest ways to achieve this effect is by employing .

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design living room eclectic 2013

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