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All shows are at 7 p.m. in the LC auditorium, 521 W. Fourth Ave the hope to re-invigorate his students’ interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math), according to a news release. If he wins, Nord plans to travel to Italy Hershey’s iconic dining room is around a central, circular bar with an interactive pastry kitchen. The tiles around the bar replicate those found at the room’s entrance and the original lampposts have been recreated and incorporated into the new decor. For the past few months, an “Open” sign flashing in the window of the former Louie’s at 12th and Chew streets in Allentown offered no clue about what business was open. The mystery was solved last week when a “Culinary Experience Catering” sign Most new places don’t even attempt to serve lunch at first around what we had.” This isn’t a high-budget restaurant, but the hand-made, reclaimed look (which happens to be entirely on-trend right now) looks like it was designed from scratch Having a fabulous dining room can really help when throwing a great dinner party. And no one knows that better than an A-list celeb. When stars like Adam Levine, Will Smith and Brooke Shields designed their gorgeous homes, they definitely wanted Nice wine list and several signature drinks. Outdoor bar and patio in season. Open daily. 7177 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Gaines Township; 656-9898, stonewatercc.com. $, $$ Fleetwood Diner — Classic diner fare, Greek entrees and full dinners, as well as beer and .

Ken Metrick, the president of Elte in Toronto, holds the keys to a major furniture emporium, so it’s not surprising that his home showcases the best it has to offer. His condo is decorated with pieces that he and wife, Renée, a buyer for the retailer Concordia Village is a non-profit organization that provides affordable assisted living for seniors. We are currently looking for Dining Room Servers for morning shifts. Duties include serving beverages and food, preparing breakfast foods and kitchen That’s what you’ll hear if you go to Dining in the Dark, presented by Browning Harvey Ltd. and the Gypsy Tea Room as a fundraiser for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Newfoundland and Labrador. Diners will wear a blindfold for the entire Do not worry, devoted fans of Alvin & Friends — the New Rochelle restaurant with the Southern Caribbean influenced menu. The restaurant’s recent move to a larger location on Memorial Highway did not dilute the bistro’s charm. The new space .

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