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it was heralded as a solid piece of architecture that lifted the post-911 sadness that befell New York City. Clad in panels of white bronze and surrounded on three sides by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the $32 million building was the first new museum Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a house or apartment. Additional questions welcomed to [email protected] In our final Q&A of the Curbed University 2013 session, we have Crosby Doe, a real estate agent Chicago does | modern architecture | better than any other city. Classicists like me who would rather do without it altogether must reckon with its allure here. Forty-eight hours may not be enough time to give the Windy City’s modernism its due, but it’s more The Getty Center opened the exhibit Overdrive: Los Angeles Architecture 1940-1990 this week and it is fantastic! The show is part of the Pacific Standard Time modern architecture initiative and ties together Valley tract homes, aerospace Nashville’s midcentury modern architecture is under attack again. The City Paper’s Pierce Greenberg reported on April 1 that a proposed land swap between Metro and the state “could result in the demolition of the old Ben West Library building in downtown 10-Apr-13 – While helping his grandfather, pioneer of modern architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, design IBM Plaza in the late 1960s, Dirk Lohan could hardly imagine he would be back four decades later to redesign the lobby. “It’s funny to be .


For the exhibition that opened at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Architecture Friday, size matters. Dozens of pieces of tiny furniture are on display on the west side of Architecture Hall as a part of “Diminutive Design Palm Springs has one of the largest concentrations of mid-century modern architecture in the country. Since the 1920’s, visionary modernist architects have designed sleek, modern homes that have embraced the desert environment. The dramatic geographic Overdrive anchors a celebration of modern architecture in Los Angeles that runs through this spring and summer. The Getty Foundation helped fund “Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.”— a series of 11 exhibitions The first impression I had of Panama City was of its vertically soaring skyline. A decade of frenzied construction has made the city a centre of modern architecture – and notorious for poorly engineered “ghost high-rises,” so named because several sit .

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